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Coach Scott has been involved with basketball since the age of eleven.  He's  been cut from teams, and overlooked but learned what it took to get better, Which led to competing in High School in Oxnard, CA then playing collegiately.   His coaching journey began during his sophomore year at Oxnard College, when he was asked to assist with his former high school.  He would leave his practice, and go to the high school to help coach the younger guys. Since then, he has coached elite AAU teams, trained many elite high school and collegiate athletes, and currently a part of the Cape Henry Collegiate State Champion basketball coaching staff.  Coach Scott's love for the game and helping players develop is what drives him.  He wants to help you reach your next level, whether you are a pro player looking to become elite, in high school, college, or other.  Get in The Lab!

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Hardwork beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard!"

Tim Notke